Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Nothing Quite Like......

Gun fire at all times of the night along with a 45 minuet fire fight at 4 in the morning. I understand that the training is needed but along with myself a lot of others lost sleep because of it. Needless to say I didn't sleep well lastinight and I'm fuckin cranky today the dumbest shit is starting to piss me off that's not exactly early here but it's 8:10 A.M. There may be more to come along later but for now I have to do monotonous tasking picture cropping for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Mudvayne!!!!!!!! and New Orleans

Yes that says Mudvayne! I saw them live at TwiRoPA (I thinks that's spelt correctly) on the 22nd of April. The Concert was OUTSTANDING!!!! Then along with the few other days that I had off I was pretty much drunk or just drained the rest of the time. But, I saw alot of crazy shit there somethings that I woulden't expect to see at random. For example... Shiny, Happy people, that you gave money to. and tarrot card readers all along Jackson square. The last night there was an older gentleman playing a Glass Harmonica. That's where you have glasses tied to a table with different amounts of water in them and then you rub your finger along the top and it makes a high or low pitch. But he was exceptionally good at it. many people were donating money to him and just mentioning a tune and he could play it, he kept saying try to stump me, but everytime he got it. With the Jazz Fest. in town I'm guessing that Saturday night was just as busy as Mardi Gras because that's what a lot of the locals were saying. Hand Grenades drink one!!! <--- That's all I'm saying about that :) .

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Slowly Becoming Addicted

No lie! I've started playing with the HTML of this blogg in the sidebar and I enjoy doing it. I never thought that I would but I do. I would like to add more usefull information to my blog perhapps some GOOD pictures of myself and a better description with in my profile. I would actually like to come up with my own personal template for this, but that's going to take alot of time and I'm going to have to wait on my computer from the repair shop since that has frontpage on it. Today is going to be another good day once again. The senior learership is out (which is outstanding). It's just to bad that Brian and Garrett aren't here (you can check their blogs to see where they are if you want) since it would be nice to show them what I've learned because I'm sure it would peak their interest a little bit. I know Garrett would be interested. I just tried to put a .jpg into my side bar but it diden't quite work out. So I'm going to do a little more searching of the internet and the blog help page to see if I can figure it out. I'll keep you informed if you don't notice it. As you can tell I figured it out! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Links on the Right

I finally made the changes to the links on the right hand side of this page. Now I don't have to stare at those annoying Edit-Me links and neither do you.

Well so far today has been very stress less. Yes Stress less! Most of the management staff is out doing other things today and the ones left here don't bother me much. So today seams to be a good day for now but until they return later this after noon I'm almost positive that it will go right to shit and I'm thinking positive on that note!

Time Off

As of right now time off is an issue amongst a lot of the people here. Fortunately I had yesterday off and I enjoyed myself. It helped relieve a lot of stress and anguish. On my day off I ended up in Gulfport MS, about an hour away at the Grand Casino. Where I became quite lucky playing Flop Poker then I became greedy and lost the money I won plus a little more. But, we live and we learn the next time I have a six hundred dollar hand I'm walking away (after I have my winnings of course). I'm glad that I was able to enjoy myself and eat a few good meals. Lunch and dinner were outstanding, probaly the best meals I've eaten in quite some time. As I sat there in the restaurants in the casino, each time I was seated I was right in front of a window over looking the Gulf of Mexico and the Harbor which was extremely relaxing but I was sitting across from another GUY the whole time. Which sucked. But roaming through the casino with him was hilarious. Especially if you were playing any game or slot the drinks were on the house. I still have this thing where I won't drink before noon but at 9 a.m. he wasted no time to get wasted. Me on the other hand I was still recovering from the night before where I believe I had 3 beers all day yesterday. A few things I learned from my day off was.....

1. Don't play slot machines you don't get shit.

2. If you win big at a table don't stay there unless your obligated to.

3. If you go make sure you bring your wife or girlfriend since there are plenty of romantic settings.

4. Make sure your not in the Non-Smoking section of the slots when you light up.

5. Most of all: Don't go to Copa Cabana Casino it's the ghetto casino of them all.

Well till next time, have a great time and enjoy yourself.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Tick - Tick - Boom

I'm one of those people waiting and holding in almost all of my emotions then letting them loose all at once....

Today that happened. I had a talking to about it and I'm currently unsure of how it went, or where it may lead me. I don't want to talk to anyone else about my problem just because it's none of their business, as a matter of fact it's not yours either since this is a public blog. But, in the past I had to deal with Psyciatrists before that's slightly where the talk was going. I know if I have to talk to a head docter I'll end up not doing what I want to do as of right now but lately I'm begining to think that just might be a good thing. Because, I don't want to blow up the wrong way. I'm sure that I will there. The stress levels will be much more then I can handle unless I have the oppertunity to deal with my stress with in my own means. Where I am right now I don't have the means of deling with my stress. I haven't been able to eat for the last 4 days because of it. As a matter of fact, I forced my self to eat last night and about an hour later I was throwing it up laced with blood. I think that might be a sign of an ulcer but I haven't see a doctor because of the fact that I want to do what I want to do.

Last week I was just sitting around reading a poster about "how to spot suicide".... yea I need help but I'm not telling anyone about it.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

After Surgery

Well I'm all healed up now my incision has reduced to little scabs all along it, it's a little soar when I move my head to the left but that'll go away too. Today the stress level is pretty much low seeing that the senior leader ship had taken a ride down to the airport over an hour away. "For a day out". They deserve it and I'm glad there not here it's a little more relaxing. I miss being home, doing the things I used to do, and most of all my life.

Please to all that read this thank a soldier when you have a chance.
Since we give up our freedom so that you can have freedom.

Always remember: "America the land of the free, only if it remains the home of the Brave."

No I'm not mad at anyone. I just feel better to be in my own place right now.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Someone Call a Taxi?

I'm a taxi driver today. I volunteered to drive one person to the airport this morning. Then they got in line well got to go.