Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Were Under Attack!

Last Night well this morning for the non-nocturnal Soldiers. I was just beginning to fall asleep. Then there was a sudden barrage of Machine Gun fire along with numerous explosions. I jumped up out of bed woke up the whole room and told them that we were under attack. I ran to my locker grabbed my uniform out and threw it on the fastest I ever have in my life, then put my feet in my boots and pulled the laces, followed by putting on my battle gear with all of my ammunition. I grabbed my M16 rifle and ran out the door.

Durring my process everyone else was putting on their stuff and saying shit like "is this a reenactment?", "just like the fuckin movies man!", and various other things. There are some people outside looking around trying to figure out what's going on and all of them are asking me. So I tell them as calmly as possible. Now there are at least 15 - 20 people in a mess trying and fighting to get on all their gear. I see a familiar face in his sleeping attire and ask him if he knows what's going on.... In which case he looks at me and says "no" so I tell him the situation and he starts laughing.

Just then he points out that the test fire range is about a quarter mile down the road. Those damn people have got to find a way to announce that they are going to test fire their weapons so that we can hear them. They were firing there crew serve weapons such as .50 cal Machine gun, M249B Machine Gun, Saws which are also Machine Guns, and MK19's which are Automatic Grenade Launchers (which explains the numerous explosions). Need less to say I went and told everyone that I was mistaken and it was the test fire range. I took a lot of verbal abuse for that yet I told everyone that if we were under attack I would have possibly saved their lives.

Now since I blew everything out of proportion this morning the way I did one of my roommates dubbed me with the nick name "Get Some" which is kinda funny. Well other then the events I just explained everything is pretty quiet right now and I also have had a huge smile on my face all day because, in a way waking every one up at 5:00 A.M. felt really good considering that I could have possibly saved their sorry asses then I went back to bed.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Building to the Trailer

Ok, so it's been a few days since my last post....

As some of you know My office had moved from one building here on post to another which happens to be a much more roomy trailer. Now everything was hunky dory for the first couple days in our new office until.... A Marine discovered that there was a short in the trailer the hard way. He was doing some work outside the trailer, touched it while grounded, and got a pretty bad shock (he's ok). So of course the investigation is underway but it doesn't take long.

The first channel cover was removed that the wires are running through and blamo there are no wire nuts on the wires at all! They then remove the rest and there are no wire nuts their either. What a surprise! So the last few days have been terribly hot and sticky. Plus all the equipment in the office is extremely dusty from all the sand that blows around in the parking lot (which by the way is sand). No offence to anyone at all but I feel like trailer trash right now. We are running extention cords from another trailer for power, were outside every 15 minutes to cool off (be it in the sun or the moon it's cooler there then inside), and if it isn't some good old rock and roll playing on the radio it's country western what a calamity.

So moral of this post...

If it's important to you don't be like the government and go with the lowest bidder.

Thankfully no one lost their lives due to this blunder.

UPDATE: Stinky (from my last post) is still on leave. The mater was addressed with his superior's and they said "We'll talk to him when he returns from leave." What B.S. So I did what I said I was going to do. It's bagged up and it was on the roof until I got yelled at to take it down but it was the intentions that count!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Ignorance Is Bliss

I've given up on the time clock that I've been so faithfully watching tick by. All I know is that the time is going by anymore and sooner or later I'll be back in the United States.

On another note.

My room stinks like shit! One of my roommates that I will call stinky has gone on leave for a few days. Now other then not taking his laundry to get taken care of I don't mind stinky he's a pretty cool guy. But, I was under the impression that if you are going to take leave then you should have your living space cleaned up meaning all of your laundry done with exception of 1 uniform a couple pairs of underwear, socks, and a few t-shirts this way when you return you'll have clean cloths and your other roommates don't have to smell your fermented ass while your gone.

Now stinky did not turn in his laundry. Instead it's strewn across an unmade bed and I swear last night when I took my flashlight over the bed I saw the fumes (like in the cartoons). His area is also messy and difficult to navigate through at times. I've brought this to the attention of those in charge of me and others in charge of my roommates. They are supposed to talk to his superior to have this issue fixed. Meaning to clean it the fuck up. If they don't want to clean it up I'll put on my gloves and stuff his duffel bags with his shit and throw them on the roof.

Then when he returns and starts bitching that his stuff is missing I'll simply tell him that it got up and went for a walk. Then tell him to climb up the fucking building and get it. After he starts complaining about having to over exert himself to get his bags I'll calmly walk down below smoking a cigarette. Finally after he comes down and opens his bag and it comes out and punches him in the fucking face I will laugh hysterically. Look at him and say "We were living with that since you've been here I guess you couldn't smell your own dirty ass."

Some people annoy me. I was thinking of making a list but if I start that I'll have to save it as a draft since it'll constantly be a work in progress. The list is growing everyday that is why I've decided to stop watching the time clock. Even that is starting to annoy me.

WARNING: Don't mumble around me. That is my biggest pet peeve right now. After watching Charlie And The Chocolate Factory every time someone mumbles around me my reply will be. "Your MUMBLING I can't understand you when your mumbling.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Church and State

First prayer is not allowed in school. Then a few years ago someone tried passing a bill to abolish the Pledge Of Allegiance from schools. Now some Atheist in California is appealing that call and now it's going to be in effect in 9 school districts in and around Sacramento. The Pledge of Allegiance is a patriotic remembrance of this nation not a prayer. The words "ONE NATION UNDER GOD " were implemented in 1954 by Congress. Yet people are bringing this to a District Court to appeal a call that was made saying NO. WTF!! It's Congress people District Court is much smaller. I hope you read this too you Atheist Bastard. Burn all of your American Money since it all says "IN GOD WE TRUST" then maybe your beliefs will help you survive with nothing. Also why is all this shit coming out of California? I was there for a few years of my life and it's times like this that make me feel ashamed for saying I enjoyed it.

Americans are really taking their Freedoms way to far (for example see above). In my opinion there are some things that shouldn't change. That is one of them just because it has the word GOD in it doesn't mean abolish it. Like I said earlier it was a decision made in 1954. Next thing you know the children won't be able to sing The Star Spangled Banner in school because it promotes violence in peoples eyes about bombs bursting in air. Oh yea it's Ohh' Say not Jose so there no racial tension in that song either.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What Is The Most Disgusting Thing That Ever Happened To You?

Post it in your blog and leave a link in my comments please.

Mine Is Pretty Bad.

I was in basic training at Fort Benning, GA. I was almost thru basic training all that was left a head of me was the dreaded FTX (field Training exercise). We had to road march to various staging areas before we actually got to the 'spot' where we were going to set up camp for the next 7 days. I had nothing against any of it until I got to the first range. It was the M16 range we had to prove to our selves and superiors that we were able to fire our rifles and hit the required targets.

While I was on the M16 range firing I realized that I had to use the 'latrine'. Which just so happened to be an out house. It was a 15 foot deep concrete enclosure that held all of the 'expenditures' of the soldiers that used it. Inside there was a large urinal along the side walls that emptied into the tank and the 'toilets' were merely built our of ply wood and two by fours with holes cut in them with a toilet seat screwed to the wood no walls or curtains either.

I walked into the 'latrine' to pinch a loaf and I just happened to look down into the pit it was about 3 feet from the top (ewww!). On top of the droppings there was what appeared to be maggots all over it along with various other moving bugs and or creatures. I did not care I had to shit.

I dropped trou right there and sat on the seat. As soon as my bowels let loose I was afraid. I felt what seamed to be a jet propelled rocket fire out of my ass. Then it penetrated the top layer with a commanding thud and 'sploosh'. At that moment I knew I was fucked. Directly after impact there is an equal reaction which meant my ass was splashed with whatever was below me. I had no wipes except for toilet paper so I did what I could to clean up, which meant using a canteen of water to wash my ass.

That was the first day of my field training exercise I had 6 more grueling days of having to walk around knowing that my ass was splattered by the grotesque. I spent most of the FTX doing what I had to do yet I felt that I was wronged due to what had happened. The last day/night consisted of a 25 mile road march to our transportation which included a river crossing where I was submerged in the river up to my chest. I still didn't feel clean. By the end everyone was tired and stunk like shit but I knew the real reason why I stunk like shit.

When we returned to the barracks there was at least a 40 minuet wait for the showers. The Drill Sergeant's told us to take our time and we will be going to breakfast in 2 hours. I was trying my hardest to get to the front of the line for the showers. I finally got there showered, shaved, took a dump on a real toilet, and took a little nap. Then went to breakfast, cleaned my equipment, and took another nap. Needless to say I was feeling much better after I showered but I had to deal with the feeling of being extremely dirty from day one.

Rumor Control

There should be an organization that controls rumors seriously. I hear a new rumor here in Iraq every day be it a good rumor to look forward to or a rumor you would rather not hear. Also there are people here that think we would be better off "in the shit." Don't get me wrong we are in the shit here but it's fairly quiet here with the normal everyday occurrences. But, I guess some people rather not sleep or eat at all due to having to fend for their lives against the insurgency of Iraq.

We are currently in a position that we will pretty much make it home safe and be with our loved one again. Yet when these certain individuals that say "we would be better off in the shit" it makes me want to question them.

This page inspired me to put up this blog today: My Rant Place

Enjoy the read.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

4 Years Ago Today

I remember exactly what I was doing when this happened. I was working for a company in New Jersey delivering materials to job sites for the company. I was listening to the radio in my work truck while I drove North on the 1 and 9 near Linden NJ. As the radio station came to an urgent announcement I was slowly climbing over a bridge when I noticed smoke in the distance rising out of NYC.

I heard what had happened and I immediately pulled the truck over on the side of the highway and was on looking with a bunch of other people as the second plane flew in to the other tower. Immediately following what happened there I got back in my work truck and when straight back to the warehouse and told my boss that I was leaving for the day since it was relatively close to oil refineries I also suggested that everyone else leave too.

I was also heading home expecting a phone call from my National Guard Unit telling me to be ready. I walked out to my car got in and drove back to the house almost an hour and a half. As soon as I got there I went into my room and changed into my Battle Dress Uniform (BDU's) and began driving to my unit which was in Pennsylvania. (I was living in New Jersey at the time) . While I was on my way there I had stopped for gas, cigarettes, and various no cook snacks. I then went to my parents house which was half way in between the house I was living and my Unit. When I got there I was on the phone calling the Unit to see if they needed people up there. The response was there are over 90 people here right now and there is no reason for you to drive from where you are to come hang out (seeing that there were no orders published that was a great answer) For the rest of the evening I was relaxing at my parents house and going over the days events.

Then around 9 P.M. I went back to my house in Jersey and got ready for bed. The following day I was waking to go to work. Yet I didn't want to go to work I wanted to go into NYC and try to help. I got dressed as if I was going to work anyway in which case I would have been dressed for either occasion, Jeans, T-shirt, and steel toed boots. I went into work after hearing on the news that there were plenty of volunteers. Only later to learn that none of them were equipped as they should have been with hard hats, gloves, and other protective clothing which I had enough for about 10 people in my trunk. But sadly to say I stayed at work and was unable to help.

Yet a few months later my Unit was issued orders to go to Bosnia to relieve some active duty personnel from there so that they could begin concentrating their effort on "The War Against Terror" The day I was flying back to the United States after my tour finished the pilot of the plane told us that the first bomb was dropped in Iraq at the time we were in the air. I was sure at that moment that I too would see Iraq. A couple weeks after returning home I ended up going out and getting completely shit faced and ended up in a Perkins at 3 in the morning to sober up and eat with some friends. I was being quite loud and obnoxious because I was just that shit faced and a police officer walked in and asked me to quiet down. I explained to him that I just returned from Bosnia not that long ago and me and friends are celebrating. He then asked what unit I was in I told him which unit I was in and he said to me "Well, I hope you don't mind Iraq in 2005." It was 2003. I called him a "fuckin liar" and laughed in his face. Well mister officer I apologies for being such a drunk, ignorant, dumb ass. You were right I am now sitting in Iraq in 2005.

This is how this day has affected me I haven't started college as I wish I could have. My civilian employment was crappy because they new I wasn't going to be there long. Now I am here fighting in "The War Against Terror" proudly. I had my opportunities not to come I actually had 2 opportunities the first I overlooked and came the second was "I'm a bitch and I want to go home" was what they were looking for during the mental screening which I had. I told them that I had an obligation to fulfill and I wasn't planning on flaking out of a deployment that way.

Since this tragic event happened 4 years ago my life has been in quite interesting. I now almost have more time on active duty with my National Guard Unit then with the regular Army when I was active duty 365 days a year. Well, Life goes on and I will be home once again awaiting the next deployment after I complete this deployment.

Today I don't want the "were proud of you and everything you do" I would like everyone to remember this day as such a tragic day in American history and let their hearts and minds go out to those lost during that day and the days since that day.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I've always wanted to own/operate an establishment that provides people with musical entertainment. Now in my hometown of East Stroudsburg, PA the Venues have come and gone. I remember when I used to go to shows held at the local American Legion Post back in the mid 90's, then hitting up the various venues that had opened and closed behind the Ribbon Factory Outlet in Stroudsburg, then it was Bizmos on North Cortland Street, Followed by Over The Edge (which was shut down due to not properly paying out bands when 1 band didn't pull what they said they could missing the number by like 45 kids) Now it's the Sherman Thearter again (which in my opinion isn't bad) but it just won't work for long people will start complaining.

Last night I was messing around on my computer as usual and I was thinking that if I could open my own Venue in the Stroudsburg area that would be outstanding. Here's the catch though. I don't have a clue about how to begin to get the proper permits and everything else for this venue. Yet my head was spinning with ideas of how I could manage to make it to what I would want it to be with a consideration for the kids. This will be a alcohol free establishment, it will also be open from 3 P.M. to 7 P.M on school days (Monday through Thursday) mostly for the kids to come after school and do their homework and listen to music being pumped in through a juke box packed with local and national bands. On Fridays it will open at 3 P.M. and close at midnight. With live bands from 7 P.M. to 11 P.M. Saturdays it will be opening at 10 P.M. and closing at 2 P.M. with live entertainment as well. Sundays I'll close.

Inside this venue there will be restrooms plenty of seating and tables along with a snack bar which will sell water, soda, chips, peanuts, popcorn, fries, nachos, hotdogs, and burgers. Along with a store incorporated within the establishment located toward the front selling merchandise from the bands that will play there, along with some national bands. I was also thinking of an incentive program such as: For every A you have on your report card for that semester past you will get some free passes to shows that you can use whenever. For every B on your report card you'll get a couple snack vouchers. For every C and below you won't get anything.

Now I know some of the things I will need to open this venue like sound, lighting, about 4 employees (college students looking for part time), Security at least 2 per day and 6 per live show, Insurance (because we all know kids will be kids), bands I know for sure I will need but I know 2 local bands in that area which can link me with other bands and so on. I would also like to try to bring in 1 well known band every 2 months at least. Another thing when the kids come in after school they will need to have a signed note from their parents with a valid phone number for me to call and verify that their parents know that their kids are there. I would really like to have this in a centralized location where everyone knows where it is.

But as the title says: Dreaming......

I can make this happen! This is not a dream I've awoken and I now know that this is possible. All I have to do now is see what I can do about finding out the rest of the information as far as what I would need. I actually know of some people I could talk to here that might be able to help.


Mr. Matt

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

I Understand Now I'm Going To Be Fine.

That has totally cleared everything up for me. This is probaly the best piece of propaganda that I have seen yet. Because what it comes down to is the truth 1 out of every 3 people in America are on some type of "stabilization" drug. Since the doctors say they "should" be or it "might" help. In most cases it does help but not in all I was a failing case as most of you know there is just to many things in this world that drive me nuts. Stupidity for one as most of my readers know. Amongst other things which seam to be very prevalent in this point in time. I don't know if it's my age, my situations, or even the "music" I listen to but I've been hangin in there lately and I'm doing much batter now that things have settled down for me (situation wise) Until.... I was told that I have to move out of my current living establishment to another at someone else's convince I understand they are trying to make more room or people but why the fuck was my house the one that ultimately had to move?... I know why I'm up for promotion my self right now and a certain someone is against my promotion because if I get promoted I will not benefit him. Yet, if I was to not get promoted then I would benefit him like I and someone else have in the past. Said individual had said "If he (meaning me) is still having attitude problems then he shouldn't be promoted. Now I know he was rattled at my friends promotion because he took that as a loss but if I have anything to do with this at all I'm going to try my hardest to get promoted and if I don't then I may transfer to a different work place when I return. There I will be able to be promoted, it's rather hard to not promote someone when they are almost at the top of the promotion list. One last thing IF I do get promoted over here and 'said individual' reduces me because of my attitude toward STUPID SHIT (said individual) then I'm getting out and there will be a loss with in this entire work force because they would be losing a valuable employee. - end rant -

MR. Matt

Monday, September 05, 2005

Okay, Terrific!!

Well according to CNN you can still get a drink in New Orleans..... Let me think... I can't afford to evacuate the city but I can afford to go to the bar and get plowed alright who's for it? Ok that was insensative but it's the truth.

Also an interesting event happened here to day... well interesting to me.

A fellow soldier walks in to the office to day with his medical record in hand and begins to explain to me that he wants me to order him perscription lenses for his sunglasses. here it goes.

Him: Hey I was told to talk to you about ordering the pescriptions for my sunglasses.

Me: That would be supplys business not mine I'm administration.

Him: Sgt so and so told me to come here

Me: Well I'm telling you that I can't help you, you should contact supply.

Him: Well why would Sgt so and so tell me to come here

Me: Beats the shit out of me

Him: Well can you help me?

Me: Yea lets go to supply

Break - Supply is not in

Him: Should I make a copy of this perscription and leave it in their drop box?

Me: They woulden't know what to do with it your better off talking to them face to face

Him: So when are they in?

Me: Go check with SPC so and so in his room maybe he could tell you. (spc so and so works in supply)

Him: Could you make me a copy of this?

Me: that I can do.

My NCO: Why don't you talk to the medics about that they may be able to order it for you.

Him: SGT so and so told me to come here and you would order it for me.

My NCO: That's supplys job if not talk to the medics they may be able to help.

Him: I'm going to talk to the medics.


OK now after this incedent he came back and asked for another copy which I provided him with all I can ask is if you could possiably be less stupid there is a visable sign on our office that says administration. Please pay attention to detail and realise that some people above you are stupid as well. Thank you and have a nice day.

Mr. Matt

Friday, September 02, 2005

A Few More Days Down

Well nothing new is really happening with me here in Iraq. It's pretty much same shit different day. I'm using Firefox now and it seams much more friendly then IE. Also my heart and thoughts go out to the people of the gulf coast what happened there is terrible. One thing that I find funny about it though is that I'm currently in Iraq. If I was in the states I would be there helping the relief efforts seeing that my home unit out of Pennsylvania is sending a few troops down there to help so either way I would have still been deployed be it here or there. I would much rather to be sent there so that I would be able to help my fellow Americans but due to the circumstances this is where I must be. Well till next time.

Mr. Matt