Wednesday, November 30, 2005

What a Hoot!

I don't really know what made me come up with that title.

But, Ask the Soldiers is going really well. I'm actually surprised at the amount of questions we have already recieved. in the short time that we have had it up we have answered 5 questions and are in the process of answering one more. So please don't hesitate if you have a question to ask a couple troops here in Iraq by all means check out our blog there and e-mail us as

Also this new site seams to help pass the time so all in all your helping some of us burn up some time here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ask The Soldiers

If you haven't read the last post of mine I suggest that you do. You will understand this one much better.

Ask The Soldiers is underway. GIGotti and I will be revealing the truth to all. If you have questions involving the war here in Iraq you can get 2 answers per question from 2 different people. Me being one of them.

Now with that said I know some of you have questions that you would like the soldiers to answer so all you have to do is visit our blog, find the e-mail, and send us your question.

All questions will be answered in the order that they are received.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Ideas Are Flowing.

So, GI Gotti had asked me to assist him on a personel mission that he's currently pondering. His idea does not reflect my intentions what so ever. But, here is his idea I'm sure you'll be able to read about it in his blog sooner then later.

He wants to offer to answer questions about Iraq from a soldiers point of view via: blog.

Now he has asked my to also answer the same questions since we both have different outlooks upon the mission at hand. I've so decided that I will assist in his mission. To answer some rather stupid questions or extremely smart ones.

I would also like to extent a huge thank you to blogger for being idiots. I never turned on my comment notification but all of a sudden it's on. (I turned it off now) I honestly thought no one was reading my blog and I know I have atleast one or two readers :-)

Friday, November 25, 2005

Soldiers Thanksgiving.

5 things I'm thankfull for:

1. My Family

2. My Friends

3. Fellow Soldiers

4. Respectfull Americans

5. Being Alive

So yesterday was Thanksgiving. I almost forgot. Yet the meal just wasen't what I expected it to be compaired to previous deployments. Where we had all the fixings. Yesterday though was different. We did have turkey that was processed turkey loaf (or breast), mushy stuffing, and the normal veggies that we usually have. Though here is the kicker.... There were two freshly cooked birds sitting out on a table with a sign on them that said "for display only".... I know that there is no way possiable to have eanough turkey to go around for every single deployed Soldier, Marine, Sailor, or Airmen. So why put that out like that to make some of us realize that the one great thing that were not thankfull for is signing the enlistment paperwork. If I diden't see the cooked turkeys I woulden't have minded the whole meal but after seeing them I knew there were higher ranking people where I am, actually eating some real turkey somewhere around here. Once again the shit that starts up hill diden't roll down hill like most other times and these are the times I wish that it did.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Say What You Feel

This photo has a great point. Although it is not the best point to be shared with most children.
Especially those that think they already know everything.

So with out further ado I will present to you what my mother had hanging on the fridge when I lived at home.


Tired of being harassed by your stupid parents????

Act NOW move out, get a job, and pay your bills

While You Still Know Everything!

I have no rights to this at all so put it on some paper of your own and hang it on your fridge today. Your children will be worried by the fact that you put it up yet, in the future when they have kids of their own they will understand completely what you meant by this act.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates.

When it's cool out your strong and firm. When it's hot your mushy and runny. Yet, your usually the same person and deep down inside you want to be loved and cherished like anyother person in the world. As Forest gump put it you never know what your going to get. But, there are times that you do know that your going to get fucked even before you know what your suposed to be doing. So in referance to my post yesterday... Every few days I have to go back to the doctors (medics for me) and go through with my physical therapy. But, here's the me getting fucked part. I work nights as a matter of fact until 2 a.m. mostly. Yet I have to be at the doctors at 0800 for this procedure. Which ends up being around 1030 by the time I finally get back to my room to get some sleep. I've been getting up around 1330 or 1400 because I have to get ready for work. Which starts at 1430 as opposed to 1600 like it once was but this is only temporary. I don't mind that much I have to deal with lack of sleep at times no big deal. Yet, siting at work so extremely tired that I could blindfold myself with dental floss is shitty. I then proceed to stuff my face with caffine and sugar to stay awake or some what coherient. Then when I get off work I go back to my room and by the time I get there I'm wide awake and I can't sleep so I get on my laptop and fool around for a little bit. It turns out that I end up staying awake until about 0630 or 0700 then finally go to bed to get up at the same time. Finally, by the time I'm caught up with sleep and my tiredness I have to go back to the doctors before I go to sleep again. Man - o - man this just might be rougher then I thought. Never mind the pain I'm fighting sleep deprivation and an ever growing gut from pounding junk food into my face. If I was home I woulden't mind the gut so much at least then it's my pony keg. Here it's like I'm getting prepaired for hibernation that will never happen.

Well, What A Discovery.

I've had or thought to have tendenitious in my right shoulder. Now anyone that knows me knows that I take pain relievers for this ailment quite often. Since 1998 in fact. Now I've come to the conclusion that I do not want to have my liver transplant due to me ruining it with pain killers and such. I would much rather need one from too much drinking. I'll save that for another day though. I went to see the doctors to see if there was anything that they could do for me as far as helping the pain subside through steroid shots or some other form of help like maybe surgery. I went through physical therapy for my shoulder before but it diden't help at all. So there I was...

I get there and I explain the situation and then I have to wait for the doc to come into work. I waited almost 1 1/2 hours. He finally gets there and takes a look at me pokes, prods, and sticks me in different places on my shoulder and back. Apparetnly backs and shoulders this doctor knows well, so I get a reevaluation from him. "There is nothing wrong with your shoulder." He says. "Well why am I feeling this constant pain that goes from nothing to insane in no time?" I said. That's where it got interesting. It turns out that from the accident I had in basic training (I was climbing a rope lost my grip and fell about 10 feet before grasping and catching myself on the rope the last 10 feet to the ground). Anyhow... When the accident had happened I shifted my skeletal structure and my back muscle group on my right side. Which caused my muscles on the upper part of my back to scar (which is where the pain is centralized). He then asks me if I've ever seen a chiropractor. Um.. Nope never in my life I told him. So he tells me that I have 2 choices keep taking the pain killers or go through with a chiropractic form of physical therapy. So I go with the physical therapy of course. Let me tell you that is very painful yet at the end of it all you feel much better.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Way People Found My Blog

Through google and the yahoo searches:

1. Fuck in Kuwait

2. Blackhouse Liquor

3. Waking Up Dehydrated

4. Camel Spiders On The Loose

Well there you have it. this one is easily explainable. I've done posts on camel spiders, being dehydrated, how much I dislike Blackhouse, and I know Kuwait and Fuck were in the same sentance in there somewhere but not in the good way.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I've Always Hated Being The New Guy

New guys are slowly popping up. One showed up today to fill a position that has been vacant for a while. I picked him up at the airstrip then continued to show him around base. "That is were your going to live." This is the post exchange." "This is the building that has finance and the post office in it." and "This is the First Sergeant." Now this guy was quiet at first didn't really say anything, he was just taking everything in like a sponge to water. When we finally got all the bugs straightened out and I got him into his room is when he finally said something. "This room looks like Katrina blew through here!" UT-OH is all I could think... at first. Then I told him that his 'roommate' should be off work at around this time and he should try to straighten out the living situation with his roommate before seeking other means. (Mind you the room was a bit messy if there would have been beer bottles on the floor then I would have thought I was in an untidy bachelor's pad). After I left him at his room I simply showed him around the living area a little and told him I had to get back to work. I took off got back here and just about 30 minutes ago I heard a hummer drive by outside my office so I decided to go and see if it was Sergeant so-n-so that I had to find earlier. It was. So I started telling SGT so-n-so about the new addition to one of his soldiers rooms and he got pissed quick! Then I simply explained to him that it was the First Sergeants decision and I suggested that he should go speak with him if he wanted to try to adjust the situation.

So now it's out of my hair. I probally won't have to deal with it again. But, I do know that it isn't over for "The New Guy" just yet. Still it's only the beginning.

I can't use the title I want to use.

I feel that it would be offensive to some people that may view my blog. Plus children might be lurking around and see it so out of respect I'm not using that title.

Any way just read the last post I posted.

Being here right now is like being a Video cassette tape. rewind - play - rewind - play same stuff everyday.