Friday, December 30, 2005

New Renter to Ring in the New Year!

EzineWriter has taken me up on my New Years Sale offer to Rent My blog. Now there isn't much for me to say about my blog today so check out his. Everyone needs a good laugh, chuckle or even a smile. Yes, before you tell me "you need to laugh and smile more then anyone else you depressed bastard." I know. I know.

Some people make new years resolutions that will more then likely be broken. He's making them to keep as a matter of fact ones that he knows that he can keep! So head on over by clicking the little boxy up there on the left and see what chuckles he's spreading today!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Teenage Love Through A Modern Mess.

**Warning there is a lapse of time in this event which is forgotten and misunderstood. Times aren't exact but estimates are extremely close.** "girlfriend" either explains her or her name.

As the time progressed through my early stages of my military obligation I was constantly calling my "girlfriend". Phone card after phone card. We were constantly in contact. Holiday leave was upon me so I gratefully took my time to go home and be with my family and friends.
The New Years party I went to that year 98/99 was one of the best parties I was ever at. It consisted of me my "girlfriend" and only a handful of close friends. I then returned back to my duty station on the 3rd of January.

While I was at my duty station I was moved from one room to another. In this room my roommate was the best roommate I could ask for. There were no amenities in that room such as Cable, Internet, or a Telephone. So I went a head and got cable and a phone in our room. He paid half the cable bill on time all the time and every time the phone bill came in he would ask to see it so that he could promptly pay me for the times he had used my phone. Though this is where my "girlfriend" started to cost me a lot of money.

My phone bill quickly amounted to 200 to 300 dollar phone bills every month. Due to me calling. So we discussed the issue and came to the conclusion that I would call her once a week and if she needed to call me then she would call collect. This worked really well. We had more things to talk about once a week and the phone bill fell faster then my grades in high school. This progressed through for quite some time.

The summer leave was upon me now. I want home again and spent time with friends and family. I don't remember much about this time except for the fact that I went to a house party in my neck of the woods with my "girlfriend". This party sucked. It was just a reject high school party that all the high schoolers probably thought was 'a great party' these kids didn't know shit. Though I was there with the "girlfriend" at one point in the night some punk came up to us and asked "the girlfriend" if he could talk to her alone for a minute. (To this day I don't know why I didn't see it all then.) They were gone for about 5 minutes while I was sitting there bullshitting with some kids about the Army. When she came back she was a little withdrawn from the situation. Just a few minutes after that she said "lets go this party is boring." Leave was just there it didn't concern me as much as it had before that's why I don't remember much of it. But, I do know that I went back to my duty station.

Once I got back there I was jumping feet first into everything that we were doing. I would call her once a week like I once had but the times that I would call she wasn't home. So like any other person on the planet.. as far as I'm concerned. I would call every day again until I would get a hold of her. I would have conversations with her mom once in a while. She would fill me in on the things "the girlfriend" wouldn't. For example... where she was working, her plans for school, and various other things that weren't to interesting. My "girlfriend" and I ended up talking 1 to 2 times every 2 weeks. Between her being home and my duties that I was unable to disregard.

Holiday leave was upon us once again. My "girlfriend" and I had made plans for her to pick me up from the airport and then we would stay at a hotel and do what horny teenagers do.... The following morning we went to my parents house she dropped me off as there were family plans that involved travel and she had to work the next day. I went to the family event which I did enjoy because that is usually the only time in which I get to see my family as a whole. Then on the ride home my mom told me something that I shrugged off. She said "I saw "girlfriend" at this store with another guy holding hands seaming quite close to him. Then when she saw me she let go of his hand quickly." I was like yea... sure... whatever. Since I knew my mom never actually liked "girlfriend". Not only did my mom tell me this but 5 days later one of my friends asked me if "girlfriend" and I had an open relationship. I ignored his question completely because I didn't want to hear what he was saying.

We had plans for new years "girlfriend" and I. December 31st she canceled saying that she had to work. She told me that someone called off and she needed the money. I knew she worked at a ski resort so I was pretty sure that someone would call off. So that new years since I new almost no one other then "girlfriend" I stayed at home bored, and alone. So around 11:30 that night I called said "girlfriends" house to wish her parents a happy new year and her mom said "Why aren't you at the party with "girlfriend"?" I remember walking onto my back porch at midnight lighting a cigarette and saying happy new year to the wind with tears in my eyes.

The next day she came over to my house around 1 O'clock. I decided that we would go out and eat. So we went to a nice restaurant and after the restaurant we went to a early showing at the movies. I asked her how work was at dinner which she promptly responded with a prefabricated story. At the movies she was trying to make out with me but I told her that I wanted to watch the movie. After the movie was over I asked her if I could drive home (this way I wouldn't have to walk) she said sure I don't mind. Once we were within 5 miles of my house I asked her how the party was she went to. She just looked at me with a surprised look on her face. I then pointed out the various new years artifacts that were lingering on the floor of her car. And the fact that there was a shirt on the back seat with beer spilt on it. She then started crying and saying the she shouldn't have lied about having to work. When I pulled into my drive way we got out of the car and she quickly started hugging me. Probably thinking that I would hit her. (For the record I would never hit a woman.)

As she was hugging me I asked her "I've heard things since I've been home. But, I want to know the truth. Have you seen other people since I've been away?" Then she started crying harder and said "Yes." At that point in time the fire inside of me was at a full blown incinerator level. I stepped away from her and told her "If you want to see other people go right ahead but your not going to be with me." I then said good bye and walked into the house. I was really upset. It was a mixture of loss, regret, anger, hate, and sorrow. Knowing that the whole time I was being being faithful yet I was also being cheated on.

I know that feeling well. Said "girlfriend" and I were together for close to 3 years. At that time I was almost positive that she was the woman I was going to spend the rest of my life with. I look back at it now and think about it. I'm glad about what I did that day. Sometimes I wish I did it sooner. Though there is still that little piece of my heart that has shriveled up and died because it's been a victim of a dishonest relationship. Just this past spring a mutual friend of ours had told me that she got married. I sent her an e-mail, congratulated her and her husband. That was in April or May.

I'm still waiting for a thank you or even a hello.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

What Made Me Join The Military

When I was in high school I was part of the wrong crowd. I didn't care for school what so ever. I was more interested in hanging out and smoking pot. That was when I was in 9th grade. I failed that year with falling colors. I pulled my head out of my ass that summer because my parents had me on lock down. They told me that if I ever wanted to make something of myself I had to get the grades. I as a rebellious teenager at the time said yea... yea.... I doubled up in all my classes in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade after that just to graduate with my class. Though in 11th grade I figured out that my parents would never spend their money to put me through college. Since at that age and stage in my life I would have flunked out cause of too much parting.

The high school held an optional test one day in the library called the ASVAB test while I was in 11th grade. I found out that it was a placement test for the military and at first I was skeptical. Though 2 friends of mine were going to do it (to get out of class). So off I went to get out of class and take the ASVAB test. After I took the test I wanted to know my score though they were doing no grading there. I kept up with school.

Then in May, 3 months after the test, the phone rang... I answered and it was a United States Army Recruiter. He started by throwing out the lure and reeling me in. Then he asked if he would be able to come to the house at a later date to show me some stuff. I was like sure what the hell! I told my parents of the events that occurred and my step dad (being former Navy) started in on me about joining the Navy or the Air Force. I told him I would see what they had to offer but right now first come first serve. My mother was in shock. She couldn't imagine me in the military and she thought I was high when I was talking to the recruiter. Who by the way showed up the next day.

My family, the recruiter, and I were all sitting out on my back porch discussing my 'possible' enlistment. Hell they would pay for my college, I could get skills [you gotta have skills] for the civilian world, and much more that I think was bullshit. I was warming up to the idea quite quickly. I would be able to see the world at the governments expense and see places I could never afford to see at that age. I told the recruiter that I would have to talk everything over with my family before I mad a decision.

For the week after that I was talking with my family quite a bit about it. Them knowing that if I was to join at the young age of 17 then my mother would have to sign saying that it's ok. I came to the conclusion that I was going to join the Army. I found out that in the Army I could pick my job where opposed to the Navy or Air Force (at the time) they would place you where they needed you. I called the recruiter and told him to come up again with a contract on a day my mom had off. He came in we did the paper work and he asked me to sign it. I read it over and signed the paper work. Then it was my mom's turn. She looked at me and said

Mom: "Matt are you sure you want to do this?"

Me: "Yea Ma"

Recruiter: Silent

Mom: "Are you really sure that you want me to sign this Matt?"

Me: "Mom, what the fuck else am I going to do with my life? I don't want to work at McDonald's until I die and I know you can't afford to put me through college. This will help me to do something with my life and not be a fucking loser!"

Recruiter: Wide Eyed and Jaw Dropping.

Mom: *sigh* "I guess your right... But don't give me any shit when you decide to change your fucking mind"

Recruiter: Smiling now....

Me: No problem mom.

Then I was off during a part of the summer to a processing center. Where I had to take the ASVAB one more time because the recruiter thought I could do better.... I did worse and that one was the one that they counted. I had to take a physical. Fill out all kinds of paper work. Then choose the job I was able to perform in. Lets just say I didn't pick a job that would help me bunches in the real world...

For my 12th grade year in high school I was in something called the DEP (Delayed entry Program).

Now lets put that to the side..... I was seeing this girl from my 10th grade year on at the time. You could say she was my high school sweet heart or what ever. She didn't mind it so much. By the middle of the year I came to the conclusion that I was not going to be able to be with her. If I left for the military and I started to get cold feet. I was purposely trying to fail my classes because if I failed they couldn't take me. I was stupid but I thought I was rather smart at the time.

My recruiter figured out what I was trying to do so he went in to chat with the teachers. None of them showed him any sympathy. So he talked to my mother.... They came up with the conclusion that everyday after school I would go to the recruiters office and do all my homework and then at 5 when he left the office he would drive me home or my mom would pick me up. {Great I'm 17 and being baby sat} Shortly after this began my recruiter went back to my teachers and requested all of the homework that I never turned in. [ASSHOLE!]. I eventually resigned to the fact that I was going to graduate on time and have to leave for the military.

My girlfriend at the time said that she would be more then happy to wait for me which made me feel pretty good. Graduation happened and I was out of school for 5 days then I left for basic training. Basic was a pain in the ass at that time but now that I look back at it was some fun shit! I graduated basic training my family and girlfriend came down to the graduation and they were quite impressed with me and the changes that occurred since I had left. I eventually took leave, then went to my duty station, and then took holiday leave.

I'm going to leave the holiday leave story for another day. This post has gotten quite long as it is.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Other Cultures / Christmas...

One thing that I've noticed while here in Iraq is the difference between our culture and other cultures. Some of the other cultures that I've been around recently are (in my opinion) too touchy feely. What would be considered a Public Display of Affection in the United States is or could be (not totally sure) a normal greeting amongst their culture. It's not only the Iraqi culture but some of the other employees, contractors, or other protection forces.

...Now I'm one of those people. I don't care what you do as long as you don't do it infront of me. Today while I was walking to the dining facility to eat I saw some thing that made me feel so uncomfortable it made me laugh. (Now that takes alot cause I'm not wraped as tight as I should be.) Two gentlemen were walking infront of GIGotti and I. One individual approached the other from the right side to begin with. Lightly touched his shoulder then ran his hand all the way down to the other dudes buttocks with a huge pervert smile on his face the whole time. Though the guy on the left diden't even hesitate, miss a step, or even look at the guy. He just kept on walking and started a conversation with him.


Though Christmas was a bust just as I expected it to be. I had the day off so I watched some CSI and messed around on my computer. While I was doing that I was having a conversation with someone. The conversation really pissed me off considering that it was christmas and all. The conversation was going good then all of a sudden it took a turn for the worst. Basically the night diden't end well. I decided to take a shower and then get to bed after about 6 episodes of CSI and a mountain of pages surfed on BlogExplosion. I got into bed at about 6:30A.M. (I work nights) I don't actually know when I fell asleep but the last time I looked at my alarm clock it read... 8:45A.M. I've been having trouble sleeping and about 4 or 5 days ago I was getting back on track. Though after the conversation lastnight. I'm almost sure that I won't be sleeping right for the next couple days, weeks, or months.

With that said and me in a shitty mood now... I better get going. I'm not interested in dumping my life story on this blog but it's kind of a place for me to vent. Along the lines of what happened lastnight.... I'm not in the most comfortable mind set. All I keep telling myself is that I'm going home on leave in a month or so. I should know more about the turn of events in my life after leave. But, for now I'm going to try to put what has happened out of my mind.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Shout. Shout. Let it all out!

Lastnight I was playing around on BlogExplosions Shout Box. Granted it was a bit of mind numbing sillyness but I was having a blast. Just chatting about random topics and then me becoming quite silly once GIGotti came into the SB. He kind of eggs me on to say stupid things or just act like a Jackass.

Other than that it's Christmas Eve here. (Festivus for those of you discussing that in the SB lastnight). As it's probally Christmas Eve every where.... Nevermind that last statement. Tonight when we went to eat Santa was in the Dining facility. He was there shaking everyones hand and saying that he appriciates what we are doing. NOW I'M REALLY CONFUSED!!! I thought Santa liven in the north pole and loved all of the worlds children. Does Santa actually live in North Dakota and only give gifts to America and all of our Allies? I don't actually know where I'm going with this other then the fact that it's Christmas in some parts of the world right now even if it's 1AM. There must be a lot of bad ass kids these days if he had time to stop here in Iraq.

Any how. Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays What ever politically correct term you perfer. oh I almost forgot Kwanza. Enjoy yourselfs at home.

Friday, December 23, 2005


This week my blog is being sponcered by THE PANIC BLOG. The owner of this blog is an individual named Eric. He was diagnosed with acute anxiety disorder without agoraphobia. Which translates to a Panic Disorder. More or less his blog is about him, his family, and his friends.

So check out his blog if you don't want to look at mine. After all everyone is interested in what other people are like. Reading their blogs is a good way to get to know tham.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Interesting Read.

So my posts have been up and down lately but that is mostly because of my mood.... I know excuses are like ass holes, everyone has one and they all stink. Though on my other blog Ask the Soldiers there was a comment made by a thirteen year old ghost named Horace Finkle. I'm not on drugs I did put that out like that because this is the way that the writer protrays him/her self. This is by far an interesting and funny read. I actually was laughing so hard at one point I think I might have pissed my self just a little bit. We all know that we need a good laugh once in a while so check out this blog.

Untill next time.....

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Holiday Time.

I honestly think that the military should not recgonize holidays while being deployed. It seams to bring on that "D" word again. Along with that I haven't been able to sleep right for about a week or a little more. I'm not really sure time seams to blend together here anymore. Half the time I don't even know what day it is I just know I want to eat and I have to go to work. Which I do. Though it could be the building anticipation of me going on leave and seeing everyone else going on leave. Well knowing that time to leave here is close upon us.

I'm looking forward to going home. There is so much to do and that needs to be completed. I also have to find a job when I get home and that will be a pain in the ass considering that if I want to get a job that pays well I would have to drive over an hour away. Even if it's part time. Because, in the Pocono's it's all about making money. Your business prospers and you pay your slaves minimum wage or very little over. Hell I worked at a gas station for about a year while I was living there. That gas station was properly positioned on the corner of 3 major highways, 1 hotel, and along the main tourist route. I easily counted Thousands of dollars no matter what day it was when I closed the place and I got 6.50 an hour. Granted it isn't a hard job. Though I did jump the counter many times to catch thieves and to attempt to catch drive away pumpers. Many people were brought to justice because of my actions. The company didn't lose money when I worked for them and I got nothing in return for going beyond my amount of job classification. Then I was working as an 2nd assistant manager at a big name autoparts store. I was making between 8 and 9 dollars an hour. Due to the cost of living in the area I was still living at home with my parents. Come on now I'm going to be 26 and I could not afford to move out of my parents house. Now coming home from a deployment with some money I can afford to get a decent vehicle, an apartment, and pay some bills for a few months. What I would like to know though is... Between college and a part time job how long will I be able to stand on my own two feet before I end up relying on others once again.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Pay Some Respect to HATE!

Cause' Hate is my new renter this week with his site PYMMOTI A.K.A. People You Might Meet On The Internet. I have this site blog marked through Blogexplosion and every now and then I'll go and check it out. I know that most of the time when I laugh at it I'm wrong for laughing but it really helps the day go by! Now if there is ever a reason for you not to post your picture on the internet this is definately it! FEAR THE RED MARKER!!!

Also if you happen to be looking for affordable web hosting. Check this out.

Thanks alot!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

No Updates Lately....

I was hung up on the last post I did. There is something about that event that will be with me forever. But, moving along....

There really hasn't been much going on all has been quiet. Which is a good thing for me but we all know what boredom leads too. That's right folks. I was so board last night I found my self in the MWR (Morale Welfare Recreation) tent last night watching: Bull Riding, Bare Back Horse Bucking, and Cow Wrestling. I honestly don't know why I was watching this event because I don't understand it and I feel bad for the animals having their balls twisted. Shit, if I was one of those animals and I got my balls twisted the way they do I'd be jumping like a fucking lunatic too! Those poor cows getting wrestled to the ground... I would fall to if some jackass jumped off a horse and grabbed my head. Though I guess that it is a sport that I will never understand. Then again I don't think I would wear Wrangler Jeans either just because I like circulation to my boys. Till next time maybe another like this or a depressing one but only time will tell.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

December 7, 1941

On this historical day the Japanese led a surprise attack on our Pacific Fleet located in Hawaii. Although I was not alive for this disaster I still feel the pain which was inflicted on the Nation when this happened. I will visit the USS Arizona Memorial to pay my respects in the future. But, until then I'll make history of my own.

Photo borrowed from The National Park Service.
USS Arizona Memorial

Oil droplets float to the surface above the USS Arizona, helping preserve the memory of the past. Please take a moment of silence today to remember all the people that lost their lives during this tragic attack.

Want to help preserve this memory? Please donate to the Pearl Harbor Memorial Fund. Your children's grand children will be learning about the history as well. Help preserve it for them.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Tails of the Opiated Sherpa

This week I've rented my blog to very unique clientell. Tails of the Opiated Sherpa. This is the second blog of his which spawned from this blog. Yet, his second blog is less Hockey and more a personal diary commenting on current events, family, work, and the weather in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Now if your still reading this you are wrong. Click on his blog on the left under the skull. Tell him I sent you and say hello.

I also know that alot of you blog surfers that get to my blog, sigh about the fact that you have to look at my page for 30 seconds. Now you don't have to! Just click on my renter every week and check out their blog until it's time for you to click to the next blog. Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas Shopping From Iraq.

Everyone has bought something online at one time or another and how it's done is usually the same. Though from here it's a little more difficult. The major difference is between shipping and billing addresses. But, when you order something out of a magazine as a Christmas gift that is a different story.

I ordered a historic rifle for my step father. Now with rifles you have to have them shipped from one FFL (Federal Firearms licensed dealer) to another. Before I ordered the rifle I had to google for a FFL near my parents house, call them to verify, then call the company I was purchasing it from to place the order. After all that, I had to call back the FFL closest to my parents and let them know when it's suppected to arrive, my step dads name, and phone number. It was a little rough but everyone was thankful for what I'm doing here which made it even easier. Then as I was talking with the FFL closest to my parents the person I was talking to said if I was able to send a Christmas card to them they would print it out and give it to my step dad when he came to pick it up. That was awesome. They also said Merry Christmas on the transfer fee. I was amazed I had my card out and I was ready to pay the fee at that moment. Though when I go home on leave I'm going in to introduce myself and say hello and thank you personally. I'm even going to get an American Flag flown here to give them when I'm home to express my gratitude. After all not everyone can say that they have an American Flag that was flown in Iraq. Can You?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

What A Day!

Today I was driving the bus for a little while this evening transporting troops from point A to point B. Now some days I really feel like hurting people that say stupid things or do stupid things yet, today I was laughing me ass off! I stopped at one location to take a "few to the dining facility. NOTE: I'm driving a 48 passenger bus. The bus became over loaded I stopped counting at fifty six people and they were still cramming in. Seats were taken and laps were being used everyone was laughing about this as was I. Shortly after I dropped them off I got another bus load. NOTE: During my time I'm supposed to drive from one point to another with no diversions. This group of individuals about 4 of them were going one place (where I can go) and about 9 of them wanted to go to a place in which I can't travel but they didn't ask me where I was going they got on and went for a ride. I eventually took them to where they wanted to go but I was busting balls the whole time. Finally someone said "Next time were asking the bus driver where there going." Now for the good part....
I have an empty bus and I pick up a full bus at one stop. I'm driving along and I ask "any one getting off up here?" people respons with yes we are. So I stopped there and then as I started driving again a little voice pops up from the back of the bus she then says "Can you stop at the stop sign?" (WTF Let me think about this.) I quickly responded with "I don't stop at stop signs I just blow through them." The whole bus went into an uproar in laughter. She then realized what she had asked me to do. I kindly stopped at the stop sign and her and a couple companions got off the bus, her face was beet red, and her friends were heckling her the whole time. Girl if you read this I want to apologize yet at the same time I want to thank you because I haven't laughed that hard since I got to Iraq. I'll gladly stop at the stop sign again for you anytime.