Saturday, February 18, 2006

While I Was Home

That's right I was home on leave. I got to leave this litter box for 15+ days and I must say it wasn't what I hoped for. I was hopeing that it was going to be grand and that everything that I wanted to get done would have gotten done. Though I only was able to do maybe half of what I had planned.

I arrived at the airport in PA around noonish stepped outside and was shocked it was late January and mid-winter with a tempature of 55 degreese with no snow. I then went to my parents house to shower and clean up since I didn't have the opertunity to shower for 3 days on the voyage home. Had dinner and went and saw my girlfriend later that night. The first 2 days home were extremely plesant and I was very happy to be home on leave.

Though some down falls were the constant questions from every civilian in America. In a way I felt like I was being interiogated. I also thought about the fact that there was no stupid question just way too many idiots. Everyone would ask me a question. There were people asking me "what's it like over there?" (good question) "how do the people feel about the americans over there?" (another good question) "have you seen any export of oil from there?" (If you read my blog you are a fucking idiot! Dumb question!) Yet... Everywhere I went if someone knew I was home on leave from Iraq it was a sure thing everyone knew. I hate attention like that. But, if I was a politition I would have been eating it up. When I come home from Iraq for good don't ask me shit. Cause I won't remember any of it. I plan on pissing it away while in a drunken stupor holding a bottle or three.

Now back to the begining... The third day home my girlfriend got her period witch (spelt like that on purpose) turned her into bitchazilla mode. She became more distant and wanted almost nothing to do with me. Though if I wanted to go out with a few friends she would go into a hissy fit saying "I thought your whole vacation was going to be just you and me." Granted I could understand where she was coming from but she didn't understand where I was coming from. 8 months and not being home, no alcohol, and no blowing off steam. I needed to go out with my friends. I ended up going out with my friends 2 times and I stopped off at the bar one night for 25 minutes on my way from my parents house to my girlfriends house and she fucking flipped out so bad that I almost walked out the door.

When I left there and I was begining my journey back to the litter box. I kissed her good bye gave her a hug and with tears in my eyes I turned and left. She didn't even flinch. So since I've been back in Iraq I've been tring to put that behind me right now but I find it really hard to do at this moment in time. She says that we are SO different yet she is only unhappy with 2 things that she has told me about. 1. She dosn't like the music I listen too. Tough Shit! I listen to hard rock and Metal... She listend to R&B (rap and bullshit). She also dosn't like the way I dress. She wants me to dress like a wigger (nothing against any of you but I don't know a proper way to word this.) I wear mostly Jeans and a T-shirt or hooded sweater. To me that's casual wear and I'm comfortable so Tough Shit.

OK I'm getting depressed and shit now. I'll do more after I take some happy pills.


Blogger a troubled mind? said...

yikes . i'm sorry it went so poorly. i'm here for you if you need a friend to talk to :)

3:48 PM  
Blogger PresentStorm said...

Be yourself Matt ...If someone doesn't love you for that,they are not worth having!!!

never compromise who you are to please another.You will never be fully happy that way.

5:16 PM  
Blogger Guppyman said...

Wow.... hmmmmmm....

Sorry man.

I hate it when anticipation beats reality's ass so badly....

At least you got some cookies when you got back..


5:21 PM  
Anonymous Angela said...

I bet guppyman's comment at least got you to crack a smile. :)

I'm sorry it was shitty, Matt. I got so angry when I read about the things she has a problem with, in you.. they seem like such petty fucking things? Tiny minor things. I know what a sweet man you are, and how selfless and considerate you can be. You've shown me that, and I personally think you deserve much better. Just some food for thought.
We'll be back to catch up, I just had to stop by and say Hi.
p.s. you missed a raging shitstorm over at my blog, while you were gone.

6:43 PM  
Blogger a troubled mind? said...

ahhh matt.... we've known each other for how long now?? 6 years? i remember back in our stupid, crazy, partying days....and how we survived... BUUUTTT anyway, you've come a long way and deserve nothing but the best. you will always have a special place in my heart, and i care about you tremendously... like i told you in our talk the other day, i am always here for you. hopefully see you when you return to the states...its been too long since we hung out in NYC.

8:05 AM  

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